It's a Nasi Lemak affair!

Shoppers at Sunway Pyramid celebrated a world record feat last weekend with their favourite dish - Nasi Lemak - taking the spotlight.

The record for the longest line of nasi lemak bungkus was the first of its kind to be slotted into the Guinness World Records.

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Local celebrity Nora Danish having her share of nasi lemak at the event
“We chose nasi lemak because it is everyone’s favourite dish and it is eaten all day long. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper,” said HungryGoWhere Malaysia director Linda Foo, adding that the event was held in conjunction with the official launch of its Malaysian website and mobile app.

The site started off in Singapore about five years ago and has since become the go-to food portal for those seeking to find a place to dine.

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The 11,315 packets of nasi lemak were placed on long tables at the ice rink of the shopping mall

Foo said the introduction of HungryGoWhere to Malasyia was a move by SingTel to expand the brand beyond Singapore to other parts of Asia.

“To date, we have a million visitors to our Singapore site every month and the number is growing, especially when people rely on mobile data and the Internet to loook for a good place to eat,” said Foo.

Both the site and mobile app feature reviews and recommendations of eateries submitted by the general public, which makes it unbiased.

Users of the mobile service can also search, discover and locate the best dishes and food outlets around the country.
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Valerio handing the certificate of achievement to Liew
After six hours, Guinness World Records adjudicator Carim Valerio announced that the longest line of nasi lemak had been made with 11,315 packets lined up.

She then handed the much-awaited certificate to Singtel (Digital Life) chief executive officer Allen Liew, who represented HungryGoWhere.

The packed nasi lemak did not go to waste as some 7,000 packets were distributed to various organisations while others were handed out to shoppers at the mall.

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